The Process

The following is a broad outline of the process, from initial consultation – to design – through to build completion:

– Initial consultation – meeting with the client to gather information for the brief.
A quote for the design work is submitted, along with a report outlining the brief, plus design suggestions.
On acceptance of the design quote, the following stages proceed as follows:
– The Survey
– Concept design – A1 plan, plus A1 visualisation of design, along with mood board providing ideas of plants & materials.
– Masterplan – The concept plan is refined to produce a finalised version of the design – the masterplan, together with specifications drawings for the landscaper contractor to build the garden.
– Garden construction phase
Once tenders for the build have been collected, a contractor is selected & start date set for the build. The project can be monitored by 1 x per week site visits to check the build is on course and address any arising issues. After the build is completed, a walk around with the client is taken to check all work has been completed and carried out to the correct standard.

A detailed version of this process is submitted along with the design quote.

Edinburgh Scotland